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The Season of Broken Pipes Part 2

The Season of Frozen Pipe Part 2 Where we left off in the last blog post, we had started what at the time was our largest water extraction and water removal job to date for Sunshine Cleaning & Restoration in Payson, AZ. An 11000 sq. ft retreat center with 28 dorm rooms and many common […]

The Season of Frozen Pipes Part 1

It was an especially cold winter in Northern Arizona It was an especially cold winter back in 2009-2010. That was the year that launched Sunshine Cleaning & Restoration from being a very small restoration company to where we are now.  It started the day after Thanksgiving in Payson, AZ. The night was bitterly cold and […]

Do you know what the worst kind of flood or water damage?

Water damage not covered by insurance! Customers are often surprised to find out that slow leaks and water damage from outside groundwater are not covered by insurance. This often leads to Water damage not dried out properly. Which leads to dry rot and mold. Dry rot and mold are also not covered by most insurance […]

Water Damage Categories

Did you know water damage has three categories? Cat 1 Clean/Fresh Water, Cat 2 Grey Water, and Cat 3 grossly contaminated water. Depending on the initial source of the water, a freshwater damage/loss can start at any one of those categories. If you have a flood from an overflowing sink or broken pipe that would […]

Reducing Water Damage Cost

I was talking to a local insurance agent in our small town of Payson, AZ and he mentioned that they were paying more out in claims then they received in insurance premiums year after year. Although I am not 100% sure as to why that is happening in the small market, I am willing to […]

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