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Carpet Cleaning

Get the Cleanest Carpets in Rim Country!

When you want clean carpets, you want to choose a company that will go above and beyond to make sure your carpets are as clean and healthy as possible. At Sunshine Cleaning & Restoration, we understand, and that’s why we developed our exclusive, 12-step carpet cleaning process.

Our experienced carpet cleaning technicians take the time necessary to ensure you get the best results with our service. We know that carpet cleaning can be a hassle and that you are taking time out of your day to let us into your home. We promise to deliver exceptional service and results, guaranteed.



Guaranteed Results

If a spot comes back, we come back – it’s that simple. Our technicians are extremely thorough, but sometimes the spots will wick to the surface and require extra attention. We understand how and why this happens, and have no problem coming back to treat it again.

Sunshine Cleaning & Restoration prides itself not only on our results but also on our great customer service. We have built our company and continue to grow because of our quality and reputation. Not all carpet cleaning companies provide the same level of service, but at Sunshine Cleaning & Restoration our professional carpet cleaning staff prides themselves on the results of your beautifully cleaned carpets and the smiles of our happy customers.

Our Exclusive 12-Step Carpet Cleaning Process

You’ll love our exclusive deep carpet cleaning process. While other cleaners only use a few steps that can leave behind soil, spots, and residues, our system is designed to take cleaning carpets way beyond the average carpet cleaning and helps keep your carpets cleaner longer.

Carpet cleaning in our company involves our friendly, experienced technicians who excel at pleasing our customers. We perform 12 very important steps in carpet cleaning; cleaning the carpets is just one step in our 12-step process to properly clean your carpets.

1. Pre-Inspection

We will walk through the areas to be cleaned with you, identifying any spots, stains, or issues you would like addressed.

2. Home Protection

Before we bring in any equipment, we’ll make sure your home is protected against any unnecessary damage. We’ll use corner guards, mats, and booties to protect your home.

3. Commercial Pre-Vacuum

Our high-powered commercial-grade vacuums will remove as much loose soil as possible from your carpets before we get started.

4. Partial Furniture Moving

When needed, we can help move some furniture items to allow for cleaning. Most furniture can remain in place, and we’ll use blocks to keep your furniture safe.

5. Pre-Condition & Pre-Spot

Our pre-conditioning treatment helps to loosen soils for a deeper clean, and any spots are pre-treated for the best results.

6. Agitation

Specialized equipment safely “scrubs” your carpet, ensuring even distribution of the cleaning solution.

7. Extract & Rinse

Your carpets are thoroughly rinsed with hot water, and the dirty water is extracted using our high-powered, truck-mounted extraction equipment.

8. Dry Passes

After your carpets are rinsed clean, we will make extra passes using only extraction to get your carpets as dry as possible.

9. Post-Spot Treatment

If any spots remain, we’ll go back and try again. While some spots are permanent, it is usually possible to lessen the intensity of the stain so it is less noticeable.

10. Speed Dry

High-powered, commercial-grade fans are set up to encourage faster drying.

11. Post Grooming

We will rake and groom your carpet after cleaning to restore the natural appearance of your carpeting.

12. Post Inspection

When we have finished cleaning your carpets, we’ll conduct a post-inspection walkthrough with you. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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