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Allergy Relief Cleaning Service


Many indoor allergies are caused or worsened by the level of dust in a home. Duct collects in sometimes hard to remove areas such as carpet, ductwork under and behind furniture, and even walls. Dust can carry bacteria, viruses, mold, pollen, and other odors. We have created a menu of allergy relief cleaning options for you to choose from that can help significantly reduce indoor allergens and pollutants.


  1. Complete Carpet Cleaning, including moving all movable furniture and cleaning under and behind it. This is a level above our standard cleaning as we do not move all furniture. Carpet is the biggest air filter in your home, and therefore, for any allergy cleaning, the carpet cleaning is an absolute must.


  1. HEPA Vacuuming walls and furniture: Want to really help your allergies, HEPA vacuuming your entire home will make a huge difference. We do not include decorations or other personal items with this service. But it will consist of all walls, high shelves, and furniture we can vacuum without moving personal items.


  1. Duct Cleaning: If you cannot remember if your ducts have ever been cleaned then it is probably time. No allergy relief cleaning would be complete without this service, and if you are going to do it than you want it done right. We do it right, and we are NADCA certified and take our time. The good news is once this is done, you won’t need to do it again for a long time as long as you keep your filters clean.


  1. Air Scrubber: To complete the allergy relief treatment, we will run a HEPA air scrubber while we are cleaning, which will help trap airborne allergens.


  1. Damp wipe all walls and hard furniture with germicidal cleaner.


Frequently asked questions:

  1. How long will this last? That is hard to say as it depends on a lot of factors like, the age of your home, how tightly is it sealed, how well the windows are sealed and whether or not you live on or near a dirt road. Duct cleaning is likely to last 5-10 years, carpet should be cleaned every year, and HEPA vacuuming walls could be every 2-5 years. Frequent vacuuming and dusting will help.


  1. I have mold in my home, will this take care of it? Yes and no. There is mold everywhere, and the above service will certainly reduce the levels of mold in your home. But if you have a significant amount of mold or known growth in your home, we would need to deal with that first. Having a third party industrial hygienist would be essential to perform air testing and determine the level of cleaning required.


  1. Can I pick and choose the above services? Yes, You should know of this service duct cleaning should be done first, and HEPA vacuuming and carpet cleaning should be done on the same day to avoid moving furniture too many times. Damp wiping is the least essential of the above services.


  1. I am afraid of COVID -19. Will this take care of this? No! If you have had a known case of COVID-19 in your home or business, you need to let us know right away before we enter so we can take proper precautions. From there, we can set appropriate expectations and come up with a game plan.


  1. I am afraid of COVID-19 and having people in our home? We have taken extra precautions, which include air scrubbers, masks, air purifiers, and wiping all equipment when entering and exiting your home with antimicrobial.


  1. Do you guarantee my allergies will improve with this service? There are too many factors to allergies to give that kind of blanket promise, but I can say that our customers have seen a considerable improvement. If you would like additional assurance and guarantee of indoor air quality improvement, then we recommend hiring a third-party industrial hygienist.


  1. I am interested in getting a quote: how do I go about that? The best thing for us to do is to send one of our estimators to your home and measure everything and then send you a quote within 48 Hours. With COVID-19, we can take additional precautions.


  1. How long will the job take to complete? The average home will take two to four days to complete depending on services selected and the size of your home!


  1. Can I stay in the home while work is being done? Yes! The hardest day for this would be the carpet cleaning and HEPA vacuuming day. But once we have completed a room, we would not need to go back.


     10.  What is the difference between this and regular house cleaning? One major difference is we are not going to clean your kitchen or bathrooms, sinks, toilets, fixtures ETC. We are focusing on the areas that have probably not been cleaned behind for years and have accumulated dust. We will move out the fridge, washer and dryer to clean behind those items. The benefit of doing the damp wipe step is that all those hard to reach and seldom cleaned areas like baseboards, behind dressers and high shelves will get cleaned.  Our staff does this type of cleaning for both fire and mold jobs, which has an extreme need for detail.


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